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  1. Grattis! Det var en virkelig flott cab og riktig farge, dette er (etter min mening) faktisk den eneste karrosseriet inkl coupe som faktisk kler designet med "ponton" bakskjermer.
  2. Den markedsføres som en streched GT, men det den jo ikke slik motor og gir er konfigurert. Det er nok også grunnen til at CLS ikke kommer som 63 fordi den ville kanibslisert GT4 Jeg tror ikke Mercedes planlegger 4MATIC på GT, selv om jeg tror det ville vært bra (da hadde modellrekken vært komplett etter min oppfatning) det er noen utfordringer å bygge drivaksel fra bakaksel og frem selv om Porsche klarer dette fint. Bilen ser jo tøff ut, men noen hard core AMG-GT er det ikke...
  3. Det er ikke mye GT understell på denne bilen, snarere en "sminket" E-Klasse/CLS fordi motor og girkasse er vel foran på denne og AMG-GT har "transaksel" med girkassen rett foran bakaksel, desuten er motor på AMG-GT plassert bak foraksel. fin bil. men ikke mye AMG GT DNA her..
  4. Men hovedpoenget er jo at det ikke er noe problem med å kjøre med navneskilt på bilen i utlandet, men jeg har sett norske biler (bobiler) som monterer på navneskiltet i Strömstad , muligens fordi de er redd for svenske tollere/tullere. Mht danske skilt, har de jo helt lik bokstav/tall combo som norske biler 2 bokstaver og 5 tall Men de har 2 +3 tall (et lite mellomrom) dermed skulle det være muligheter for å finne samme bokstav/tallrekke på norske og danske biler.
  5. Jeg kjører med personlige skilt på mine biler og krysser Svinesund flere ganger i uken. vi har hatt skiltene siden de ble tillatt i fjor sommer. Har blitt stoppet flere ganger i Sverige/Strömstad i trafikkontroll og tolllkontroll på svensk side også, aldri hørt noen som bryr seg. Vi har varemerket maxhus.com i sverige og Norge Tror det er litt (mye) oppkonstruert av journalister i Norge. Har kjørt sammen med min kone begge bilene etter hverandre over Svinesund og aldri hørt et skjevt ord om skiltene. Eneste jeg har oppdaget er at min svenske bil får faktura fra bomstasjonen i Göteborg (når jeg faktisk har kjørt norsk bil) , der har jeg klaget , men ikke mottatt svar ennå
  6. The new Mercedes-Benz G-Class og den heter ikke Geländewagen og det er vel noen år siden Mercedes-Benz endret Nomentklatur (2015) og siden da, har den blitt kalt "G" klasse An icon reinvents itself The new Mercedes-Benz G-Class presents itself in top form. Whether on or off the road and whatever the operating conditions, the off-road vehicle impresses with its performance, cutting-edge assistance systems, outstanding handling, and safety. At the same time, the new suspension, the DYNAMIC SELECT driving modes, the "G-Mode" and the three 100 percent differential locks enhance not only ride comfort but also agility – on any surface. Press Information 14 January 2018 "The new G-Class is setting the bar higher still in all relevant areas – in terms of performance both on and off the road as well as with regard to comfort and telematics. Our 'longest-serving' model series is therefore ideally equipped to continue its success story. In short, the new 'G' is still a 'G', only better", stresses Ola Källenius, Member of the Board of Daimler AG responsible for Group Research and Mercedes-Benz Cars Development. Working on the development of the new G-Class was extremely challenging for the team. "Enhancing an icon such as the G Class in technological terms was both a challenge and an opportunity at the same time. Each part and every bolt came under close scrutiny", explains Dr Gunnar Güthenke, Head of the Off-Road Product Group at Mercedes-Benz. "With the body, our main focus was on increasing the vehicle rigidity and the connections between the suspension and drivetrain with the ladder-type frame". At the time of market launch in June, the G-Class will be available at an entry-level price of €107,040.50 (price in Germany, incl. VAT) and thus remains at the level of the preceding version. The specification includes a host of new features such as the LED headlamps, the driving assistance systems, the high-quality interior with leather seats, and the new suspension. For demanding customers, options such as the Exclusive Interior Plus with leather on the interior door panels provides even more exclusivity. The G-Class, reinterpreted for today The G-Class, the luxury off-road vehicle from Mercedes-Benz, has long been considered a design icon. Its external appearance has not changed significantly since 1979. Iconic elements continue to serve very specific purposes, now as then, and to give the G Class its unique appearance. All these are still found in the new G Class: the distinctive door handle and the characteristic closing sound, the robust exterior protective strip, the exposed spare wheel on the rear door and the prominent indicator lights. Extraordinary features like these in concert with the off-roader's angular lines define its special look. The enhanced design of the G-Class follows the philosophy of Sensual Purity and at the same time remains true to the character of the original. As a result, the door hinges positioned on the outside and the surface-mounted bonnet are carried over to the new generation. With the latest update, the off-road icon - which has been continually enhanced technically over the decades but visually has hardly changed - is making the leap into a new era – both in terms of technology and form. The new G-Class is 53 mm longer and 121 mm wider and now has even greater presence, on the road as well as in terrain. More than ever, the new G-Class appears to be cast from a single piece. All surfaces have a more taut design and are have more tension, while the surface quality has been taken to an even higher level. This results in narrower, more precise gaps and more harmonious transitions. In addition, the wheel arches and bumpers form a more integral part of the body and thus look less like add-on features. Interior: authentic icon While the exterior maintains the iconic classic look, the interior of the G-Class has undergone a fundamental modern redesign which reinterprets the genes of the classic vehicle to reflect the exterior. With its off-road character and top-class luxury appointments, the G-Class has always combined two extremes into a harmonious symbiosis. Unmistakable at first glance and from the first touch, only high-quality materials are used. Every detail is finished by hand with the utmost care. Getting in the G-Class reveals that numerous design features from the exterior have been transposed into the interior. The shape of the round headlamps, for instance, which is reflected in the side air vents. Or the design of the iconic indicators, found again in the shape of the loudspeakers. Hallmarks of the G Class include the grab handle in front of the front passenger and the chrome-highlighted switches for the three differential locks. Both have been meticulously optimised and retained as characteristic features. The very clearly arranged and completely redesigned instrument panel features timeless tube-look analogue round dials as standard. In other words, fans of classic round instruments will certainly not be disappointed in the new G Class. As in the new E-Class and S-Class, an instrument cluster in the form of a large display showing virtual instruments in the driver's direct field of vision and a central display above the centre console is available as an option. In this case the two 12.3-inch displays blend visually into a Widescreen Cockpit beneath a shared glass cover. Drivers can choose between three different styles for the displays – "Classic", "Sport" and "Progressive" – and also select relevant information and views according to their individual needs. Thanks to haptic impulses and audible feedback from the on-board speakers, drivers can use the touchpad with controller in the centre console without taking their eyes off the road. The input options are rounded off by shortcut keys in front of the controller for frequently used operating tasks, and by the optional control panel for the driving assistance systems above the rotary light switch. The driver sits up close to the windscreen and enjoys good all-round visibility from behind the wheel. More space for all The revised dimensions of the now larger G-Class benefit not only the driver and front passenger, but also the passengers in the second row. Key data at a glance:   Description Difference Legroom in the front +38 mm Legroom in the rear +150 mm Shoulder room in front +38 mm Shoulder room in rear +27 mm Elbow room in front +68 mm Elbow room in rear mm +56 mm The rear seats can be folded down to 60, 40 or 100 percent. The seats in the G Class are equipped as standard with numerous convenience functions and are ergonomically designed, thus providing enhanced seating comfort and lateral support. Features include the Memory function for the driver's seat, seat heating front and rear, as well as luxury head restraints in the front. This ride comfort can optionally be boosted still further with the Active Multicontour Seat Package. In addition to the special multicontour seats, this encompasses such features as various massage functions, climate-controlled seats, and fast seat heating. This variant also offers electrically adjustable lumbar supports for the driver and front passenger. The side sections of the seat cushions and backrests of the active multicontour seats include integrated air chambers that fill or empty continuously depending on the driving dynamics, thus providing better support for the seating positions of driver and front passenger and, for example, offering more lateral support during cornering. The front seats of the Active Multicontour Seat Package are recommended by experts from the German spinal health organisation "Aktion Gesunder Rücken e.V.". Off-road: the legend surpasses itself The primary goal of development was to redefine the quality of the handling both on and off the road. This goal has been achieved: The new G-Class performs even better off-road, while on the road it is significantly more agile, dynamic and comfortable than its predecessor. The G thus remains a true G – thanks to its standard ladder-type frame, the three 100-percent differential locks and LOW RANGE off-road gear reduction. The new suspension emerged from the collaboration between Mercedes-Benz G GmbH and Mercedes-AMG GmbH. The result is an independent suspension with double-wishbone front axle in combination with a rigid rear axle. As part of their work, the engineers had the task of fighting for every millimetre, because off-road capability not least also means maximum ground clearance. The raising of the axles makes a decisive contribution in this respect, while requiring a strut tower brace in the engine compartment to achieve the ruggedness objectives. The components of the double-wishbone front axle are directly mounted to the ladder-type frame without a subframe. The lower wishbone's attachment points on the frame in Z-direction are positioned as high up as possible. This arrangement ensures good driveability beyond the asphalt. Specifically for the G-Class, the new front axle is designed in such a robust way that the off-road performance and off-road capabilities of its predecessor are maintained and partly even surpassed. Equipped in this way and with a ground clearance of 270 mm to the front axle gear, the G-Class provides plenty of potential for maximum assertiveness and driving pleasure in terrain. The figures speak for themselves: o Slope climbing ability of up to 100% on suitable surfaces o Ground clearance between axles, plus 6 mm, now 24.1 cm o Maximum fording depth now 70 cm when driving through water and mud, no less than an additional 10 cm o Stable at tilt angles of 35°, plus 7° o Angle of departure: 30°, angle of approach: 31°, plus 1° o Break-over angle: 26°, plus 1° Thanks to the independent suspension, it was possible to improve the rigidity of the body front end. A strut tower brace, known as a suspension bridge, now connects the front strut towers, which increases the torsional rigidity of the ladder-type frame. At the rear, in contrast to the predecessor, the new rigid axle is controlled by four trailing arms on each side and a Panhard rod. This makes normal driving on the road even more comfortable. In terrain, the rear spring jounce of 82 mm and rebound of 142 mm plus the ground clearance of 241 mm to the rear axle gear help to ensure a safe ride even in extreme situations. À la carte: "Comfort", "Sport", "Individual" or "Eco" DYNAMIC SELECT is now available with up to five driving modes for the G Class. This allows adjusting the vehicle characteristics in seconds at the touch of a button, as the system modifies the characteristics of the engine, transmission, suspension, steering and assistance systems at the driver's behest. The four programs "Comfort", "Sport", "Eco" and "Individual" can be set conveniently via the DYNAMIC SELECT rocker switch. In "ECO" mode, a particularly fuel-optimised driving style is possible, for example. In "Sport" mode, on the other hand, the shift points of the automatic transmission, the throttle response of the engine, and the parameters of the electric steering system and the exhaust flap are changed. "Individual" allows drivers to configure their own preferred vehicle settings. DYNAMIC SELECT provides a host of options in combination with the new suspension with optional Adaptive Damping System. The driver is then also able to modify the vehicle's damping characteristics in Sport and Comfort modes using the DYNAMIC SELECT switch. Put simply, the G-Class detects the particular condition of the road and sets the appropriate damping characteristics, so that the damping in terrain is stiffer, for example. In contrast, in Sport mode the G-Class boasts a more agile response when driving on the road. The new "G-Mode" paves the way where there is none One of the prerequisites for the improved off-road handling characteristics is the new "G-Mode". The G-Class changes to "G-Mode" independently of the chosen driving mode as soon as one of the three differential locks has been activated or the LOW RANGE off-road reduction gear has been engaged. This off-road mode adapts the adjustable damping of the chassis and the steering as well as the accelerator characteristic, avoids unnecessary gear shifts and thus ensures optimum control and maximum off-road capability. A small "G" icon discreetly lights up in the instrument cluster. The "G" swallows rough ground so easily that the driver is able to enjoy inch-perfect manoeuvring even in the steepest terrain and receive excellent feedback on the traction capacity of the surface.   On-road: agile, comfortable, superior The specification for the G-Class not only included solidness and superiority in terrain, but also greater driving dynamics and comfort on paved roads. Thanks to the new front axle design, the on-road performance of the G-Class has therefore been enhanced at the same time. On the road, the "G" is as agile as it is comfortable and provides the driver with a better steering feel. The off-roader stays on track more solidly, and is agile and effortless when driving off-road. Using a digital prototype, the developers simulated the service life of individual components and closed systems to find out in which places it would be possible to make use of lighter raw materials. The diet worked, as the G-Class has shed around 170 kg. The recipe for success: a new mix of materials comprising strong, high-strength, ultra-high-strength steels and aluminium, as well as improved production processes at the Magna Steyr plant in Austria. The rigid body shell is now made of a variety of steel grades, while the wings, bonnet and doors are made of aluminium. To be able to retain the door hinges and handles typical of the G-Class, the developers modified these to suit the new aluminium design. The A- and B pillars are made of high-strength steel due to their load-bearing function. However, less mass in no way translates into less stability – on the contrary, it was possible to increase the torsional rigidity of the frame, body shell and body mounts by around 55 percent, from 6537 to 10,162 Nm/deg. Alongside improvements to the natural driving dynamics and comfort, this also results in enhanced quality in terms of noise levels, among other things, with the positive effect of significantly less noise and vibrations being noticeable in the interior when driving. Powerful and efficient In the new G 500 (fuel consumption, combined: 11.1 l/100 km; combined CO2 emissions: 263 g/km) a high-performance 4.0-litre V8 petrol engine ensures powerful propulsion. The new biturbo produces an output of 310 kW (422 hp) and a maximum torque of 610 Nm at 2000 to 4750 rpm.   New automatic transmission on board For the transfer of power, the 9G TRONIC automatic transmission with torque converter was specifically adapted to meet the needs of the off-road icon. The developers have managed to reduce the shift and response times of the 9-speed transmission by means of a dedicated software application. The wide transmission ratio not only makes driving quieter and more comfortable especially at low engine speeds, it simultaneously also contributes to reducing fuel consumption. As direct as possible, as indirect as necessary As standard the G-Class is now fitted with electromechanical rack-and-pinion steering, which now allows driving assistance systems such as Parking Assist to be implemented. In addition, the electromechanical steering uses less energy than a hydraulically assisted steering system. Depending on the driving mode, one of three sets of steering characteristic lines, namely Comfort, Sport and Off-road, comes into effect. This ensures a comfortable or sporty steering feel on the road, but also straightforward and precise feedback in unpaved and demanding terrain - always paired with sufficient steering power assistance. In a nutshell: as direct as possible, as indirect as necessary. Stronger than time The G-Class is the top model among luxury off-road vehicles. It is not only the passenger car model series with the longest production run in the history of Mercedes-Benz by far, but also the forefather of all SUVs to bear the three-pointed star – this is why all Mercedes off-road models feature the upper-case G in their name. What began in 1972 with a collaboration agreement between then Daimler-Benz AG and Steyr-Daimler-Puch in the Austrian city of Graz is now a story peppered with superlatives and significant milestones. The first concept to be developed was already different. The team designed a vehicle which impressed with superior off-road capability, while at the same time appealing to customers as a full-featured and safe vehicle suitable for recreational purposes. All-wheel drive and 100-percent differential locks have also been part of the "G" since that time, as has the robust ladder-type frame.   Contacts: Christian Anosowitsch, tel. no.: +49 (0)711 17-75849, christian.anosowitsch@daimler.com Koert Groeneveld, tel. no.: +49 (0)711 17-92311, koert.groeneveld@daimler.com More information from Mercedes-Benz is available online at: www.media.daimler.com, https://media.mercedes-benz.com and www.mercedes-benz.com
  7. Nissan Navar er donorchassis til MB X-klasse https://www.google.se/search?q=broken+chassis+nissan+navara&source=lnms&tbm=isch&sa=X&ved=0ahUKEwjek-b49dTXAhUMaFAKHSPEDzYQ_AUICigB&biw=1466&bih=1008
  8. Jeg så bilen i Frankfurt på IAA, og jeg prøvesatt den og ble ikke veldig imponert over bilen, og hadde nok kjøpt en VW Amrok lenge før jeg hadde vurdert X-Klasse. Det er for mye jalla og for mye Nissan spesielt innvendig. samme konseptet som Citan. som er en Renault Kangoo. Jeg skjønner at Daimler ønsker lavere utviklingskostnader, men folk som tror de får en Mercedes blir sikkert lykkelig. Jeg tror den kommer til å selge bra og jeg håper de blir fornøyd de som kjøper.
  9. Junge Sterne følger bilen og ikke eierskapet, du sender inn eierkskifte til Daimler AG/Mercedes-Benz Sjekk denne linken her. da får du tilsendet et nytt plastkort med riktig eier. http://www.dasisthartmann.de/mercedes-benz/fileadmin/user_upload/Garantiebedingungen_090226.pdf Det er Daimler AG som står som utsteder av Junge Sterne garanti og den gis ofte i stede for fabrikkgaranti, når bilen bytter eier. Junge Sterne er ofte ansatte biler som de privat leaser fra Daimler og leverer tilbake når leasingperioden er gått ut. Derfor står det at bilen er eid/var eid av Daimler AG i vognkortet og derfor er det ofte mange "werkswagen" på veiene i Norge selv om de færreste er det. Den kan gis til biler som er mindre enn 6 år og maks 120.000 km på telleren. Mercedes-Benz har også andre garantiordninger på bruktbiler fra Tyskland, jeg kjøpte en MB Viano i Sindelfingen og den fikk jeg en bruktbilgaranti fra Mercedes-Benz selv om bilen ble kjøpt av en fristående bilhandler , da måtte bilen til TÜV kontroll og totalt kostet dette vel ca 5-6.000,- NOK. for ett år, denne kunne jeg forlenge hos autorisert MB forhandler/verksted før garantitiden løp ut.
  10. Diskusjonen er ikke så håpløs, fordi Møller Bil utbroderer biturbobegrepet på en C 63 til noen som overhodet er tilfelle. De forklarer at C63 har en sekvensiell turbo som overtar der den andre stopper. Faktisk helt feil på denne modellen! Hadde de ikke brukt denne setningen på å forklare noe de åpenbart ikke har peiling på er jeg enig. De forklarer også at motoren er identisk med Mercedes-AMG GT noe som også er delvis feil. Mercedes-AMG marekdsfører begrepet "V8 Biturbo" og "V6 Biturbo" på hhv. C63 og C43 og en rekke andre modeller, om MB 250 cdi har biturbo er ikke så interessant da de tydeligvis ikke markedsfører den som "Biturbo" Det som er interessant er hvordan Mercedes-AMG's turboer virker i forhold til hva de faktisk skriver på forskjermen på bilen. BMW har vel allerede omtalt sin 6 sylinnder som Quad Turbo... http://www.arrowheadmb.com/blog/twin-turbo-engine-vs-biturbo-engine/
  11. men den blir vel ikke markedsført som "Biturbo" ?
  12. Jeg tror det er mye uvitenhet og svada om turboteknikk ( og annet også for den saks skyld) I en finn annonse så jeg denne teksten: https://www.finn.no/car/used/ad.html?finnkode=108759295 Drømmebil - Nye Mercedes AMG C63T S er en drømmebil, og motoren er den aller viktigste ingrediensen. Her er det nemlig snakk om samme motor som sitter i den nye sportsbilen AMG GT S. Det betyr at C-Klassen har blitt utstyrt med en 4,0-liters V8 på intet mindre enn 510 hestekrefter. I tillegg har bilen fått bi-turbo, som betyr at en turbo tar over etter den andre. Det gir enormt mye kraft, og C63 produserer 700Nm ved 1.750 til 4.500 omdreininger i minuttet. Sistnevnte bekrefter en selvfølgelighet ved en diger bensinmotor som denne, nemlig at kraften er til stede over et bredt register Det er ikke samme motor som AMG GT, men ganske lik motor AMG GT har vel tørsumpsmørning (som er hovedforksjellen) mens C63 har våtsump (bunnpanne) MEN Biturbo ? Slik jeg har forstått dette er "Biturbo" to like turbo'er som jobber med hver sin sylinderrekke likt ? Jeg har aldri sett Mercedes-AMG forklare det på den måten Møller bil forklarer . (men AMG kaller det en "Hot inside V turbo") Mercedes-AMG C63 og C43 og nye Audi RS 4 hevder de har Biturbo , men det er jo en Twin turbo og da er vel forklaringer at de jobber likt ? ergo er Biturbo på tysk det samme som Twin turbo og ikke sekvensiell turbo som Møller bil mener de har ? kjør debatt!
  13. Her kan du laste ned (siste versjon) norsk Android Auto og det funker helt fint på Sony Xperia, Da får du Google Maps i navien og det funker bra, feks om du legger inn riktig adresse i kalenderen til møter så får du forslag til kjøreruter fra Google Maps og stemmestyring og svare på SMS funker bra https://www.apkmirror.com/apk/google-inc/android-auto/
  14. Flotte bilder og absolutt verdt en tur når man har muligheten. Jeg har tidligere nevnt dette med Mercedes-Benz butikker i Tyskland og i særdeleshet den som ligger utenfor museet. Det er mye fint å se i tyske Mercedes-Benz butikker og den største er vel den i Berlin, men også i Munchen og Hamburg har de over snittet godt utvalg av nye biler som man vanligvis kun ser bilder av. Forøvrig er det mulig å stikke innom Metzingen som ligger litt syd for Stuttgart der ligger en megastor Outlet mulig det er den største i Tyskland og for resten av reisefølge kan dette være et fint avbrekk fra fornøyelsesparker og bilbutikker/bilmuseer. Ellers kan jeg anbefale Europapark når man er i dette området, det er som Tusenfyd og Liseberg x 10.
  15. Nei, den ligger nok litt utenfor mitt bilbudsjett, men det var utrolig mye fint å spotte på Frankfurt messen. Avsluttet helgen i Tyskland med et besøk på Oktoberfest i Munchen. Nå kan jeg kjøpe og registrere bil i Sverige og og det betyr jo endel lapper i besparelse. men jeg må først jobbe litt med egne prosjekter så blir det kanskje noen penger til bil etterhvert...
  16. Kan helt sikkert ha minst 8,5" felg foran og sikkert 9,5" bak på C43, men jeg ville ha målt når man har bilen foran seg, fordi om du ser i vognlister er nok ikke alle kombinasjoner listet opp på feks Wheelsshop finnes det omtrent 160 felger som kan passe på foraksel. Selv hadde jeg S-klasse AMG felger og OZ racing til vinterfelg (samme oppsett på begge felgsett) på min S204 stasjonsvogn med 4MATIC og det passet bra. men jeg tror ikke Mercedes-Benz Norge/ Bertel O Steen sier dette er lovlig men det subbet ikke med fire perosner i bilen og full oppakking min bil kom med 18" ulik dekk/felg combo som standard og når jeg bestilte bilen fikk jeg beskjed om at 8" og 9" x 19" AMG-felger som var standard på C63 ikke ville passe under noen omstendigheter og da valgte jeg og høre på forhandleren, men det var ikke riktig, de passet bra og jeg satt på enda større hjul (S-klasse AMG) som var 8,5" og 9,5" og det passet bra. men man må jo vurdere selv hvor mye man vil tøye grensene for å få på store nok hjul.
  17. Når jeg kikket på Wheelsshop var det veldig mange felger som passer foran på C43 , men bak ser det faktisk værre ut, og OZ, BBS, Borbet og ATS bl.a er nok like bra kvalitet som AMG felg , men betydelig billigere. Det kan se ut som AMG felger til 212 kan passe på 205 (enkelte modeller) , og de kan man kanskje få billigere fra feks kunzmann.de . Jeg kjøpte selve originale 19" AMG felger (til 212) for å ha på min Viano og det var betydelig billigere enn å kjøpe de hos forhandler i Norge.
  18. Mye enklere å bestille med rett innpress , spacere er for "rånebiler" Mye "hassel" hver gang du skal bytte hjul og det blir jo et par ganger i året
  19. Her er en ok felgkalukulator. http://www.dekkalkulator.com/?page=rim og her er AMG felgliste: https://www.mercedes-benz.de/content/germany/mpc/mpc_germany_website/de/home_mpc/passengercars/home/servicesandaccessories/genuine_partsandaccessories/tyres_and_wheels/tires_and_rim.0002.html da kan man se om andre felger feks E-klasse kan passe på bilen, Jeg opplevde at OZ felger som de sa passet ikke passet likevel fordi innpresset var feil (selv om de sa oppgitt innpress var godkjent) felgkanten var godt på utsiden hjulbuen. Men her er et par gode linker som man kan søke etter spesifikk felgstørrelse uten å velge bil: spesiellt den siste linken, Jeg har kjøpt dekk og felger av dem begge og det funker bra felgenoutlet.de og her: https://wheelsshop.no/
  20. Hvorfor skal du kjøpe like felger , mye bedre med ulikt dekk/felg bredde når det finnes Bruk originalfelgene til vinterhjul og sett på større felger /dekk på sommerhjul feks ATS/OZ eller BBS har mye fint til ok priser. Den sliter jo ganske jevnt med 4MATIC Selv hadde jeg 235/35x19 på 8,5x19 og 275/30x19 på 9,5 x19 på vinterhjul (michelin Pilote PA 4) på min 204 C320 4MATIC og funket utrolig bra og så jo helt toppers ut. et par dager med mye snø, ble det litt hardpakket i hjulbuen, men med å spyle med litt vann så løsnet dette fort.
  21. Gratulerer med skikkelig vogn, den var fet
  22. Etter lang tid og mange spekulasjoner er det definitivt slutt mellom Mercedes-AMG og MV Agusta. Mercedes-AMG selger seg ut av sin 25% eierandel i det legendariske motorsykkelmerket. Kortversjonene er følgende: Mercedes-AMG ønsket å kjøpe seg inn i MVAgusta for å treffe flere unge kjøpere De kjøpte seg opp til 25% av aksjene, men etter kun kort tid, ble det avdekket at Italienerne hadde gitt feil opplysninger om den økonomiske tilstanden og Mercedes-AMG ville da "redde" fabrikken med å tilby seg kjøpe alle aksjene, det ville ikke Giovanni Castiglioni, og samarbeidet mellom dem forsurnet og da satte Castiglioni igang et race med å finne en ny investor som kunne redde selskapet og kjøpe ut Tyskerne. Nå er det klart investringsfondet Black Ocean Group går inn på eiersiden, men Giovanni Castiglioni beholder fortsatt styringen. Hvis Mercedes-AMG fortsatt ønsker å kjøpe MC, kan de kjøpe Ducati fra Volkswagen group som nå ligger ute for salg. Les hele pressemeldingen nedenfor. MV AGUSTA HOLDING COMPLETES ITS RECAPITALIZATION WITH INVESTMENT FUND COMSAR INVEST Varese, July 24th 2017 - MV Agusta Holding consolidates its equity investment through ComSar Invest; an investment fund part of Black Ocean Group, owned by Timur Sardarov, a Russian dynasty key player in the production of oil and gas in East Europe. Along with the transaction, MV Agusta Holding announces the purchase of the 25% shares held by Mercedes AMG in the historic Italian motorcycle manufacturer MV Agusta Motor S.p.A.. The closing of the deal, whose financial terms are not disclosed, is set simultaneously to the capital increase of MV Agusta Holding in MV Agusta Motor S.p.A. expected at homologation of the company restructuring plan, which has been approved by the quorum of the creditors. The new shareholding structure of MV Agusta Holding, which will control 100% of MV Agusta Motor S.p.A., will see ComSar Invest as a strong minority shareholder and GC Holding, the investment company of Giovanni Castiglioni, owning the controlling stake. The finalization of the transaction adds another important element to MV Agusta deep turnaround plan started in 2016, based on the repositioning of the MV Agusta as a prime producer of super premium motorcycles, that brought the company back to positive Ebitda. Giovanni Castiglioni, President of MV Agusta, commented: "The transaction with ComSar Invest in our holding company through a capital increase and the acquisition of the shares previously held by Mercedes AMG in MV Agusta Motor S.p.A., represents an important milestone for our plan which has as a main objective the reinforcement of MV Agusta core business: the production of high-performance, high end motorcycles. In the last 12 months the implemented measures, has brought MV Agusta back in positive cash flow generation, allowing to complete the restructuring plan and to consistently support product development and consolidation of our key markets." Timur Sardarov, controlling shareholder of ComSar Invest: "MV Agusta is for us the most iconic brand in the industry; a company that in the last 5 years has invested heavily in new product development creating a extensive, enviable range of motorcycles which results today is a unique asset for a successful future. Our presence in the capital, with a clear long-term vision, as well as in the key management of the company, has the objective, through our core competences and skills to support and strengthen MV Agusta in the coming years consolidating its position of super premium motorcycle producer. We will focus our funding to reinforce MV Agusta sales network and service and our knowledge in the technology fields, web and marketing to reach and enhance new markets, strengthen our digital and social presence enlarging MV Agusta’s consumer base." P
  23. Ser jo meget bra ut denne. men ikke hengerfeste ? hvis du skal ha de bør du få dem til å monterer det i Tyskland hos Daimler/Forhandleren
  24. Det er greit med nye bilder/forumposter, men alt annet som er lagt opp tidligere av alle som har brukt Photobucket er jo borte , med mindre de betaler US$ 400,- pr år for å fortsette. Samme med Dropbox som nå pusher alle over på bedriftsløsninger og oppfordrer deg etter på å opprette privat Dropbox kontor for i etter kunne sperre firmakonto for opplastning fra kameramobilen din den gratis løsninger privat er jo full med engang.
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